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                  Oyster farmer

Located in Marseillan on the Thau lagoon (Occitanie), the Tarbouriech oysters are among the most renowned in the oyster farming world, and this thanks to the hard work of a man, Florent Tarbouriech who took over in 1986 the operation founded in 1962 by his father. Today his son Romain and his daughter Florie take up the torch with all the passion that was instilled in them by their elders.

In 2006 Florent invented the solar tide, a revolution which allowed him to produce oysters according to their needs. We therefore obtain an oyster with aromas that have become essential and appreciated by the greatest starred chefs.

In 2013, the creation of Saint Barth, an oyster tasting place that Florie proudly manages. Romain takes care with enthusiasm of the production and the visits of the oyster park.

It is therefore this family passion and the inescapable taste of their oysters that seduced us and the TARBOURIECH house thus becomes an essential partner of

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