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🇫🇷 MAGRET stuffed with foie gras 400g

🇫🇷 MAGRET stuffed with foie gras 400g


You need confit in your life!

  • Information:

    👨‍🌾 direct Producer Famille Ramajo

    🇫🇷 origin - Gers - FRANCE

    ⏳ DLC: 2 years

    🥡 Packaging: canned

  • Ingredients:

    Duck breast, 20% whole duck foie gras, green pepper jelly, salt

  • Preparation advice:

    Degrease the confit and keep the fat for the accompanying vegetables: porcini mushrooms, green beans, sautéed potatoes. Place the confit in a pan and grill on the skin side until it becomes golden and crisp.

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