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🇫🇷DOMAINE NICOLAS MARIOTTI BINDI "Malvasia passitu"  50cl

🇫🇷DOMAINE NICOLAS MARIOTTI BINDI "Malvasia passitu" 50cl



  • Information:

    👨‍🌾 Direct winegrower: Nicolas Mariotti Bindi

    🌈 Color: White

    🍇 Grape variety: 100% Vermentino

    🌡 Alcohol content: 14.7%

    🗓 Vintage: 2016

    🗺 Region: Corsica

    🚜 Mode of agriculture: Organic / Biodynamic

  • Pairing:

    🍽 Paring: a sweet white dessert wine.

  • Reward:

    Bindi produced this Vin de France for the first time in 2016. Nicolas Mariotto Bindi produces unique organic wines in Corsica and was voted Corsican winegrower of the year by the Revue du Vin de France.

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