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🇫🇷 DOMAINE DÉCALAGE  "Galets roulés"

🇫🇷 DOMAINE DÉCALAGE "Galets roulés"




    👨‍🌾 Direct winegrower: Nathalie DELBEZ  

    🌈 Color: White

    🍇 Grape variety: Vermentino, Roussane and Grenache Blanc

    🌡 Alcohol content: 13%

    🗓 Vintage: 2020

    🗺 Region: Languedoc-Roussillon

    🚜 Mode of agriculture: organic farming


    • APPEARANCE: Pale and brilliant yellow color with pretty green reflections.

    • NOSE: Complex, with 3 grapes: fruits: citrus and in particular grapefruit, white peach, apricot and white flowers

    • MOUTH : It's a dry wine, the attack is fresh


    It goes well with the aperitif but also with grilled fish, shellfish and goat cheese.

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