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🇫🇷 BEEF BONE STEAK AUBRAC  95, - / 100g (vacuum packed)

🇫🇷 BEEF BONE STEAK AUBRAC 95, - / 100g (vacuum packed)



  • Informations :

    👨‍🌾   direct Producteur  : Bousquet viande

    🇫🇷   origine - Rodez (Aveyron) -  FRANCE

    ⏳ DLC : 10 jours à  reception

     🥡 Conditionement : sous-vide

    🥩 Piece de 1kg


  • Prix :

    PRIX AU KILO :   980,- kč 

    FACTURATION AU REEL ( vous payez 980,- d'avance et nous ajusterons une fois que le poid réel sera connu )

    POID MOYEN D'UNE PIECE : entre 900g - 1200 grammes



  • The breed :

    🐂 Breed: The Aubrac breed is a rustic suckling breed combining excellent production qualities. Originally from the south of the Massif Central, this breed is spread throughout the southern half of France. A wheaten coat, lyre-shaped horns, eyes that seem to be made up of kohl. From the first glance, Aubrac asserts its presence and shows its difference, but its beauty is not everything. A rustic suckler breed, Aubrac develops many undeniable breeding qualities. Easy to breed, Aubrac requires little labor and human intervention, thus improving the working conditions of breeders. It is an efficient breed for meat production, both purebred and in crossbreeding with a specialized meat-bred bull

  • preparation:

    The Cote de Boeuf is a piece of meat that can be grilled as well as pan-fried. If you choose to pan fry it, know that there is no need to add fat since the fat around it will nourish the meat by melting. It is therefore recommended not to degrease the rib, even if it means removing the fat after cooking on your plate.

    The cooking time of the rib depends on your preferences. The meat can be eaten blue, rare, medium or well cooked.
    Our ribs can vary between 800 gr and 1.3kg.