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The “Stéphane Reynaud” verrines were born from the meeting of two enthusiasts, two Stéphane, lovers of the Ardèche.

Stéphane Teyssier, formerly at the head of the salt meats of the same name; and Stéphane Reynaud, passionate cook-restaurateur, and author of numerous culinary books celebrating good cooking, simple, with good ingredients, generous and gourmet. Together, they have developed a range of verrines where the pig reigns as master of ceremonies.

Discover these terrines of character with assertive and distinctive tastes, for a resolutely modern and convivial consumption, and a pleasure to be shared without moderation!

  • Information:

    👨‍🌾 direct Producer: Teyssier

    🇫🇷 origin - France - Ardeche

    ⏳ DLC: 2 years

    🥡 Packaging: Jar

    NET WEIGHT: 200g

  • Ingredients:


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