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🇫🇷 COD BRANDADE 90g / 125g / 380g

🇫🇷 COD BRANDADE 90g / 125g / 380g


The traditional recipe for cod brandade

A typical recipe of Gard gastronomy, the authentic Maison Coudène cod brandade is a specialty prepared with cod, milk and French rapeseed oil. Its very sweet taste and light and creamy texture will undoubtedly capsize your taste buds and those of your guests. It is also naturally rich in Omega-3. Hot or cold, it is available in bread or in the kitchen.

  • Information:

    👨‍🌾  direct Producer: Maison Coudène

    🇫🇷  origin - St-Christol-lès-Alès  -   FRANCE

    ⏳  BBE on receipt: 180  days  minimum

      🥡  Packaging: canned


  • ingredients / composition:

    French rapeseed oil,  COD  32%, water, protein  MILK, salt, thickener: carrageenans (seaweed extract).

  • nutritional values per 100g:



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