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🇫🇷 OYSTER BOUZIGUES  N ° 3 - 29, - / oyster

🇫🇷 OYSTER BOUZIGUES N ° 3 - 29, - / oyster


The Bouzigues oyster, a hollow variety with a marbled, well-serrated shell, can be recognized in taste by its iodized freshness enhanced with a hint of hazelnut.

The absence of tide in the Thau basin (a veritable small inland sea separated from the Mediterranean by a dune cordon) necessitated the implementation of a particular technique: thus we raise this oyster in suspension, thanks to “Tables” made up of rails supporting sleepers and crossed poles.

  • Nutrient intake:

    Oysters are rich in mineral elements, especially zinc, which helps to ensure good immunity, and iron. Four oysters provide 50% of women's daily iron requirements. A little more fat than other seafood while remaining low in calories (65 to
    80 Kcal per 100 g), the oyster contains, in addition to vitamin B12, vitamins A and D which are liposoluble, that is to say present in lipids.

  • Conservation:

    ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Once opened, oysters must be eaten within 3 hours of opening.

    Stock advice: If you do not consume them immediately,    you will need to store them in a cool room such as a cellar. The temperature should be between 5 and 15 ° C. If you don't have a pantry, you can also store the hamper in the bottom of your refrigerator or in the crisper.

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