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🇬🇭 SUGAR LOAF PINEAPPLE ✈️ 15,- / 100g

🇬🇭 SUGAR LOAF PINEAPPLE ✈️ 15,- / 100g


The sugar loaf pineapple grows in an ideal tropical climate which makes it juicy and sweet. Little leafy and elongated, it has a white flesh very appreciated for its taste of sweet honey. 

Rich in water, fiber and a substance with great digestive properties, it will quench the thirst of the driest throats while promoting transit. Very good anti-inflammatory and powerful remedy against muscle pain, menstrual periods and warts, it can be kept for one week at room temperature and not in the refrigerator. 

  • Information :

    👨‍🌾  Producer:  ABD Farm pure 

    🇬🇭  origin -  -Ghana

    ⏳ DLCs  : 14 days   


  • Storage advice:

    Its flesh is white and its tender heart can be eaten. It can enhance fruit salads, cakes or flambé dishes as well as fish.

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