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🇫🇷 2x AUBRAC RACE BEEF FILLET PAVERS (vacuum packed) 125, - / 100g

🇫🇷 2x AUBRAC RACE BEEF FILLET PAVERS (vacuum packed) 125, - / 100g



  • Information:

    👨‍🌾 direct Producer: Bousquet meat

    🇫🇷 origin - Rodez (Aveyron) - FRANCE

    ⏳ DLC: 19.06.2021

    🥡 Packaging: vacuum-packed

    🥩 2 pavers of approximately 100g or 200g in total

  • Price:

    PRICE PER KILO: 1250, - kč  

  • The race :

    🐂 Breed: The Aubrac breed is a rustic suckling breed combining excellent production qualities. Originally from the south of the Massif Central, this breed is spread throughout the southern half of France. A wheaten coat, lyre-shaped horns, eyes that seem to be made up of kohl. From the first glance, Aubrac asserts its presence and shows its difference, but its beauty is not everything. A rustic suckler breed, the Aubrac develops many undeniable breeding qualities. Easy to breed, the Aubrac requires little labor and human intervention, thus improving the working conditions of breeders. It is an efficient breed for meat production, both purebred and in crossbreeding with a specialized meat breed bull.

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